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SKILLS works with companies, donors, and government agencies in developing globally competent skilled workers. In the past 10 years, SKILLS had trained, assessed, and enabled employment of 15,000 Filipinos, particularly out of school youth and adults, unemployed men and women, and differently abled persons.

SKILLS and your organization can jointly develop a proposal for projects consistent with these advocacies:

Empowering women

SKILLS ensures equal opportunity for both men and women. SKILLS advocacy for inclusion and gender equality was demonstrated by the successful integration of women in the construction sector. SKILLS challenged the status quo by training women in construction trades and heavy equipment operation. Today, many of these pioneering women are empowered employees of PGB performing tasks such as building maintenance, operators of heavy equipment, and supervision of construction projects.

Integrating the differently abled in the workplace

PGB companies employ hearing-impaired persons. PGB recognizes the still largely untapped strengths of differently persons. To ensure their success, SKILLS provides technical and life skills training and then integrates them in the workplace

Dignifying the construction profession

SKILLS ensures that construction professionals have sustainable employment, better compensation, and career growth. To achieve this, SKILLS offers bundled training composed of skills and competencies in carpentry, masonry, tile-setting, and plumbing. The graduates earn the corresponding TESDA NC II certifications. They qualify for the Assessment, Certification, and Accreditation System (ACAS) which earns them the title Builder Assistant. Builder Assistants have a higher salary and continuing employment during the duration of building construction

Having Builder Assistants are beneficial to companies. Builder Assistants are highly engaged, competent, committed, and open to learning and development. Multi-skilling also reduces the costs incurred from constant hiring, attraction, and on-boarding. Companies also save on fringe benefits from having a smaller number but better-skilled workers.

Creating productive youths and adults

SKILLS with the Primary Structures Corporation, one of the affiliates of PGB, have designed a career growth path for skilled workers in the construction sector. This is to ensure that youths and adults are productive and have sustainable futures, either through employment or entrepreneurship, despite the lack of college education. Aside from industry standard technical training and immersion, SKILLS also embed life skills in the curriculum to inculcate values and proper work attitude.

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