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SKILLS launches Auxiliary Nursing Associate Course

SKILLS > News > News > SKILLS launches Auxiliary Nursing Associate Course
SKILLS > News > News > SKILLS launches Auxiliary Nursing Associate Course

SKILLS launches Auxiliary Nursing Associate Course

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SKILLS launches Auxiliary Nursing Associate course

Many individuals dream of becoming doctors and nurses inspired by the nobility of the profession and the promises of job opportunities and better income. However, not many are privileged to pursue medical degrees due to the high cost of education and the stressful rigors of medical training. 

According to the Manpower Group’s 2019 global statistics, 54% of companies reported difficulty filling in vacancies due to lack of skills needed for various jobs. In the same report, skilled health care workers joined the top ten most in-demand but hard to find. The plight of the health industry amid the Covid-19 pandemic showed the magnitude of the shortage of skilled medical workers. 

Addressing the shortage

To address the shortage, the Primary Group of Builders (PGB) through the School of Knowledge for Industrial Labor, Leadership and Service (SKILLS) piloted the Auxiliary Nursing Associate (ANA) course. This is carried out by SKILLS together with Maayo Medical Center (MMC) and San Lucas Medical Center (SLMC). 

ANA is a six-month medical course or training designed to augment the need for more medical frontliners without requiring large financial investment and long period of study. ANA does not replace the critical tasks performed by nurses, doctors, and medical technologists, among other health care professionals. Rather, ANA supports nurses and doctors by performing essential tasks such as preparing patients for medical examination, responding to medical emergencies, assisting in special nursing procedures, assisting patient mobility and transport, maintaining a safe patient environment, and collecting and transporting laboratory specimens

Realizing hopes and dreams

ANA currently has 26 pilot trainees at MMC and SLMC. They are admitted to the course as PGB scholars. The training started last August and conducted 5 to 6 days weekly depending on the varying proficiencies of the trainees and the requirements of the clinics where they are assigned. The trainees are exposed to classroom lectures for two months to be followed by on the job training or immersion. Once they finish the training and acquire the necessary competencies, ANA graduates earn the opportunity to work at PGB.

Like many PGB scholars, ANA trainees have their respective stories of hope. Gelyn, one of the pilot ANA trainees,  is a 23-year old single mom. When she was in high school, she dreamt of becoming a nurse. But due to financial constraints, she took up hospitality and restaurant management which led her to employment in the hotel industry. 

However, Gelyn lost her job due to the suspension of hotel operations at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. When she learned about ANA, Gelyn applied for a scholarship as she saw this as a stepping stone to realize her dream of becoming a nurse. 

Continuing commitment

PGB considers ANA as the shortest, most affordable path to a sustainable career in the medical industry. Self-driven individuals who complete ANA could further earn skills and badges during their employment at PGB. Employment abroad is also a possibility as PGB has started building relationships with health care facilities in Japan and the United States. 

ANA demonstrates SKILLS and ultimately PGB’s continuing commitment to training and certifying globally competent Filipino workers and helping industry solve the shortage of skilled talents. 

Beyond ANA, SKILLS expanded its training and education portfolio by offering Caregiving NC II last 2019. At present, Caregiving NC II is integrated in SKILLS’ senior high school academic program.  

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